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Kokoro Clover Part2

Kokoro Clover Part2


(machine translation)

The second installment in the “Sunday morning anime” x “casual difficulty side-scrolling” anime game series “Kokoro Clover”! Five new scenario episodes with new characters and new stages have been added.

This series can be enjoyed by children and people who are not good at action.

Play time 2 to 3 hours.

Assist, dance, and collect unleashed assists, dances, and collections while completing the story mode and challenge mode inspired by the atmosphere of “Sunday Morning Anime.

Opening up is what this game is all about.

It can be played by children and those who are not good at action.

Number of stories

Kokoro Clover Episode 2 “I’m Normie

Kokoro Clover Episode 3 “Evil Spirit Dispit

Kokoro Clover Episode 4 “Library Boy!

Kokoro Clover Episode 5 “Hot Trolley!

Kokoro Clover Episode 6 – Volcano! Cyclone Warning!

English translation will be available in a later update.

You can play the “Story Mode,” which is designed to look like a half-hour anime, the “Challenge Mode,” where a boss awaits you at the far end of the stage, which is typical of traditional side-scrolling action, and the “Library Mode” and “Shop Mode,” which are collection elements using coins and stickers collected in stages.

In the stages, you can use “Transformation” to change your attributes and appearance, “Assist” to summon your friends, and “Dance” to create unique motions at any time for bright and free action.

The game’s style is similar to that of watching “Sunday Morning Anime” on rent.

Experience the fun atmosphere of pixel graphics.

Keyboard recommended.

Update schedule

Update to allow sharing of transformations, assistants, and dance settings within each stage.

System Requirements


  • OS: windows7,8,10
  • Processor: SSE2
  • Memory: 4 MB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


Kokoro Clover Part2
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